InFoods® IBS – Better outcomes

Better IBS outcomes through patient-specific dietary management

  • The InFoods® IBS diagnostic guided therapy provides a patient specific list foods to eliminate while the patient is still in the office. While a clinical lab version of the product will be used in the first clinical trials, the InFoods® IBS point-of-care product is being developed to allow physicians to perform the test in-office using a finger stick blood sample.
  • Designed to work with drug therapy or without.
  • Performed in the office by your staff (simple finger stick). Expected to provide insurance reimbursement for each patient.

Where are clinical studies being conducted?

  • Harvard – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. Principal Investigator: Anthony Lembo, MD
  • Michigan – University of Michigan School of Medicine. Principal Investigator – William Chey, MD

How it Works

  • InFoods® determines immunoreactivity to foods outside of normal range – No other product does this.
  • Designed with food-specific cutoffs trained and validated for IBS patients.
  • Point-of-care version, under development, to give results in 15 minutes in the doctor’s office.
  • Reimbursement to physicians – CPT code available.